High gloss, marine grade gel coat with UV inhibitors~ offered in 5 popular tractor brand colors. Premium resins and fiberglass used in the composite construction. Additional reinforcements at mounting points. Blacked out underside. Rubber isolation pads for sound dampening. Heavy gauge steel brackets, tubes and hardware~ all finished in black hardened powdercoat. Brackets are laser cut to precision dimensions for each application and fit.

Why fiberglass over steel, plastic or fabric? Fiberglass composites have a long history of service in everyday products. For canopies, you can style composites in ways not achievable in metal or fabric, and you can match colors in a Class A automotive finish. Plastic canopies have a dull finish and cannot withstand outdoor weathering which is the purpose of the sunshade!

  1. Fiberglass is color matched to your tractor in a high gloss gel coat, that is repairable, quiet, cooler, and long lasting.

  2. Plastic degrades rapidly in the sun (1-4 years) and cannot be repaired.

  3. Steel is hot (like being in an oven) with no insulating properties. In addition, it is very loud.